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Are you a Macpreneur struggling to predict the revenue and expenses of your business? Discover an easy-to-customize system for your Mac-based business.

Forecast both revenue and expenses for your solopreneur business - with this Excel template waiting for you! 😉

Gain valuable insights into the financial health of your solopreneur business and make informed decisions!

As solopreneurs, one of our biggest challenges is managing the financial health of our business without a full finance team behind us.

If like me, your business offers coaching or consulting services, being able to forecast its profitability can be a huge challenge, especially in the absence of either a retainer strategy or subscription-based offers and products.

The key to overcoming this challenge lies in having a system that forecasts both revenue and expenses.

The good news is that I've already done the heavy-lifting for you and I'm happy to share with you my Excel-based template.

You don't have Excel? No problem! You can also upload the template to Google Drive and update it with Google Sheets.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make informed decisions about your business!

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